Publishing and Information Services

Increase Output, Reduce Costs

Content development is just part of the complex challenge facing publishers. To remain competitive, information providers need to address a host of operational issues, ranging from technology to talent.

Innodata has been helping the world's most successful publishers meet these challenges and thrive. We provide a complete portfolio of production and editorial services, everything from data conversion and composition services to authoring and complex editing services. We also provide technology and consulting services, designing and deploying digital publishing, content management and knowledge management systems that help publishers streamline and improve their operations.

We understand how technology impacts your overall content supply chain. Our expertise with a wide range of systems and solutions — including industry leaders like Documentum, Interwoven, Vignette, Hummingbird, Stellent, SiberLogic, Astoria, Vasont, X-Hive and others — enables us to achieve higher success rates, which delivers significant cost savings for our clients.

Innodata is also the industry’s leading provider of e-book services to major publishers such as Simon & Schuster, Random House and Penguin and leading device makers such as Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Sony. A recognized innovator in cost-effective, XML-enabled publishing strategies, we can help you develop operational strategies that best realize your organization’s market objectives.

The size and scope of our ongoing investment in production and publishing processes, including a dedicated e-book services unit, supported by state-of-the-art tools and technology, provides our clients access to unrivaled scale, expertise and experience. And no company in our competitive set has more experience with EPUB, the key to device-independent interoperability.

With our sophisticated content production infrastructure and extensive experience converting large content sets, Innodata quickly and cost-effectively helped Sony, a pioneer and one of today’s leaders in the e-book industry. We digitized massive quantities of books and converted them to EPUB, the e-book standard file format, to populate Sony’s eBookstore with content. Sony’s risk of conversion errors was minimized and the project’s completion time was accelerated.

We also recently helped a distributor of ePublications stock a full product line, including e-books, digital newspapers and online magazines, more effectively. Innodata immediately devised a plan to accommodate the scale and time-sensitive nature of the project. Two efficient processes ran in parallel: one for converting books to e-books, and another more rapid-fire approach to digitize newspapers and magazines. With proven processes, tool sets and systems in place, our experienced team got the client up and running on budget and ahead of schedule.




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